Happy New Year and Best Wishes

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all for a healthy and adventure filled year ahead!! Here at Serene Massage Clinic we are excited to embark on a year of growth and expansion. We are happy to welcome and introduce a new Massage Therapist to our team, Tania Haqq. Tania arrives to us with a diverse background of interests and … Read More

Method of Massage Therapy

Tania Haqq, one of our Therapists here at Serene Massage Therapy Clinic in Vancouver, practices a new and effective therapeutic method that we would like to introduce you to! The CoAT method stands for “Course of Applied Tensegrity”. Since that just sounds like a lot of words, we are going to explain how the CoAt Method of Massage can help treat … Read More


Melanie Swithin, Jones Osteopathic Practitioner Melanie graduated in 1996 from University of Montreal with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She worked for a brief period in the field of Biology. She was in a car accident at the age of six which left her with ongoing back pain. As a young adult, she set out to find a drug-free … Read More

Some Suggestions For Hydrotherapy Self Care

Since it is the month of the Valentine, we are offering some suggestions for some hydrotherapy self care/self love with the idea of giving our bodies a little tender loving attention that they so deserve! The following are some ideas on how to treat our bodies well with a readily available substance that costs nothing… water!! Hydrotherapy has been a … Read More

As your body’s responses to massage, specific physiological and chemical changes

As your body’s responses to massage, specific physiological and chemical changes cascade throughout with profound effects Research shows that with massage: Helps prevent injuries Arthritis sufferers note increased mobility and decreased pain and stiffness Asthmatic children show better pulmonary function and increased peak air flow Burn injury patients report reduced pain, itching, and anxiety Hypertension patients exhibit lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety & … Read More

Massage therapy relieves stress and the effects

Are you in a constant state of stress? If so, you are not alone. In recent polls researchers found that 70% of workers consider their workplace a significant source of stress, whereas 51% report that job stress reduces their productivity. Massage therapy relieves stress and the effects of depression while boosting your mood and giving a sense of well-being. It … Read More