Questions About Massage Therapy

What type of Massage Therapy is offered at Serene Massage Therapy?

The Registered Massage Therapists at Serene Massage Therapy have years of training in diverse types of treatment techniques and massage therapy.

Postural Alignment

Trigger Point Work

Muscle Energy and Myofascial Release

Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Massage Therapy?

The following are some conditions commonly treated at our Serene Massage Therapy.

Low back pain



Muscle strains or sprains

Thoracic outlet syndrome


Whiplash injuries

Frozen Shoulder

Stress management


Does Massage Therapy hurt?

With massage therapy the pressure is applied to patient tolerance and their present condition. If there are any conditions that the therapist deems more serious the therapist may provide referral to another health care provider.

Are your Therapists Registered?

Yes, all of our therapists are Registered Massage Therapists (RMT). A registration number is included on the receipt that may be submitted to your insurance company.

Do I have to be in pain to have Massage Therapy?

No, massage therapy is effective for stress relief, relaxation and improving health.

How long does a Massage Therapy session last?

We offer 45 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute massage therapy appointments. This time allotted is for the entire time booked with the therapist, including any patient preparation or assessment. It is important that you arrive on time for every appointment for maximum therapy time. On your first visit, please arrive five to ten minutes early to ensure time to complete the necessary medical form.

If I am pregnant, can I still have Massage Therapy?

Yes. With the changes of pregnancy, some women experience lower back pain, neck pain and other muscular conditions. Massage therapy can assist in restoring balance and relax the muscles. Please contact our Registered Massage Therapists for more information.

Do Insurance Plans Cover Massage Therapy?

Yes. The majority of Canadian workers have partial or full coverage for registered massage therapy services in their workplace health care plans. You will be provided with a receipt that you can submit to your extended health provider.

BC Medical Services Plan covers a portion of the costs for a total of ten visits annually for patients on Premium Assistance.

Do I need a Doctor’s prescription for Massage Therapy?

Some insurance companies may require a note from a physician explaining why massage has been prescribed. It is recommended that patients check with their insurance provider for details of their coverage.