Happy New Year and Best Wishes

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all for a healthy and adventure filled year ahead!!
Here at Serene Massage Clinic we are excited to embark on a year of growth and expansion.

We are happy to welcome and introduce a new Massage Therapist to our team, Tania Haqq.

Tania arrives to us with a diverse background of interests and passions. She has her Masters degree from Stanford in Biological Sciences and contributes her skills as a Clinical Trials Research Associate in Hematology at VGH. Her long time passion has been for Massage Therapy and is presently excited about a cutting edge massage technique called the CoAT method. This gentle method works to rehydrate tissue, release pain by unwinding fascial adhesions and increases capillary flow. Tania also enjoys giving deep tissue massage and is interested in observing the role of massage in treating depression.

Outside of work, Tania enjoys making jewellery and working with a variety of gemstones often using the healing properties of the stone to enhance her pieces. She also thrives on getting some fresh air in her lungs through walking, hiking, snow-shoeing and sometimes even a little cross country skiing!
Tania is a calm and grounded woman who transfers that centeredness to her clients so they may leave their treatments feeling grounded, relaxed and refreshed. She will offer individualized suggestions, when appropriate, and promotes self empowerment through stretches and other exercises.
We welcome you to come by or call the Clinic and meet Tania and learn more about the CoAT massage method!

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