Method of Massage Therapy

Tania Haqq, one of our Therapists here at Serene Massage Therapy Clinic in Vancouver, practices a new and effective therapeutic method that we would like to introduce you to! The CoAT method stands for “Course of Applied Tensegrity”. Since that just sounds like a lot of words, we are going to explain how the CoAt Method of Massage can help treat a number of different problems and concerns in the body.

Tensegrity is the idea that all the systems in the body work as a unified whole and are interdependent. CoAT is an approach that draws on a variety of massage therapy techniques that target all layers of fascia at all levels of the body, including the deepest layers of connective tissue. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds muscles, blood vessels and nerves and is constantly moving and changing in the body. This is not a superficial treatment of the outer muscular system, but can affect how well the entire body functions and how well the bodily systems communicate with one another. By effectively “melting” the connective tissue, it can also heal and strengthen not just the myofascial system, but also the vascular, neural, skeletal, lymphatic and other systems in the body.

A person having a massage by a practitioner using the CoAT method, can expect a gentle and relaxing massage. The technique involves more of a gentle pull, pinch and twist of the skin, instead of the more traditional, “pushing” of the muscles. The CoAT method is like a key that opens up the system to receive more effectively, the therapy the patient is experiencing. The process helps to rehydrate the fascia while unwinding and relaxing the connective tissues. The method can also release fascial adhesions and scar tissue from previous injury, and help build strength in the muscular-skeletal system.

The CoAT method approaches the human body as a whole, not as separate parts. When experiencing a CoAT method massage, the entire body is treated and a sense of general wellness can be experienced as a result.

Tania successfully uses the CoAT method to treat patients with a variety of concerns, including edema, sciatica and back pain, sports injuries and injuries caused by accidents, TMJ syndrome, poor circulation, poor posture and general pain relief.

For more information make an appointment with us and we will show you first- hand how effective the approach can be!

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